Apuri TPC (Total Pool Control) – ALL IN complete pool control unit with water treatement

Electrical (upper compartment)

  • Pool control system with display
  • Filter pump control on-off-man
  • Energy saving variable speed pool pump control
  • Light control on-off
    • LED lights
    • RGB LED lights with touchscreen control
  • Integrated pool cover controller with key contact
  • SNOOZE function with frost protection
  • Level control with level probes (com-min-max) and automatic refilling
  • Automatic backwash – BESGO valve
  • Remote control with 4 contacts
    • Pool cover open
    • Pool cover close
    • Led’s on/off
    • Free contact (free use)

Analytical (lower compartment)

  • Complete water treatment pH RX (or Apuri E – Electrolysis)
    • Chlorine desinfection
    • pH correction
  • Flow panel with probe connections, filter and flow control
  • Silent en reliable Siemens peristaltic pump for precise injection of the chemicals
  • Leakage recovery system
  • Level control
  • Overdosing protection
  • Leak detection


Apuri TPC total pool control

ALL IN ONE Swimmingpool control system with integrated watertreatement. Electrical compartment with pump -, light -, poolcover – and remote control. Analitical compartment with pre assembled swimmingpool watertreatement.

Complete control unit plug & play, easy to use for your customer. ALL IN ONE system with PLC, resulting in a efficient and reliable poolcontroller. Just one control unit for all your swimmingpool features.

  • Automatisation – all features can be automated. Pool pump can be controlled  with variable speed function. Light control is integrated in the electrical compartment and can be used with remote control. Automatic backwash. Level adjustment with fresh water guide by automatic level controller with probes.
  • Swimmingpool watertreatment – swimmingpool water desinfection with chlorine and pH correction or a treatment through electrolysis (Apuri E). The watertreatment, flow trough panel with probes and peristaltic pumps integrated in the analytical compartment.
  • Energy efficient swimming pool controller – variable speed filterpump and LED lamps results in a lower electrical consumption. Very accurate measurement, precise watertreatment and automatic backwash provide reducing water and chemcial products consumption.
  • Easy to install – Apuri TPC (Total Pool Control) ALL IN ONE controller is pre assambled on a stand. This concept provide easy installation for the swimmingpool builder. This plug & play system includes every swimmingpool feature for your customers pool.
  • Integrated cover controller – Easy to use with key contact on the control board. You can also  open and close  easy and safely the poolcover with the remote control.

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