APURI E Swimmingpool Electrolysis

  • Very save system – no chlorine storage, no salt storage
  • Low consumption of chemicals, low operational costs
  • Ideal swimming pool water treatement system for pools inside
  • No chlorine odor
  • No salt water (corrosion)
  • Silent en reliable Siemens peristaltic pump for precise injection of the elctrolyte
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Flowthrough system with flow contact and control valve for precise adjustment of the pool water
  • Built-in safety features
  • Pre-assembled system on floor stand including leakage recovery system – plug & play
  • Simular as for potable water production technology

Apuri E pool electrolysis

Watertreatement system, with direct hypochlorous acid (HCLO)Though Electrolysis and activated oxygen produced out of acid electrolyt.

Swimmingpool watertreatementtreatement through electrolysis, measurement of pH -RX, pH correction with Siemens peristaltic pumps, leakage recovery system, dosing time alarm, pre filter, flow control with flow measurement, temperature measurement, preassambled on flow trough board + floorstand. Digital display

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