APURI pH RX PRO Swimmingpool watertreatement

  • Electrostatic grounding
  • Overdosing protection
  • Lower consumption of chemicals
  • Highly accurate adjustment
  • Level control
  • Separate flow unit with fine filter
  • Measurement with readout on display
  • Silent en reliable Siemens peristaltic pump for precise injection of the chemicals
  • Maintenance friendly


Apuri PHRX PRO water treatement

Automatic swimmingpool watertreatement system with chlorine and pH correction. Pre assembled on a stand with leakage collecting tanks, level control, flow control, dosing pumps. Fully ready for use.

This poolwatertreatement system is complete and is deliverd pre assembled on a professional stand with flow trough panel, probe holders, control box, Siemens high end peristaltic pumps for chlorine dosing and pH correction. The peristaltic pumps are noiseless and don’t need to be vented. Our system includes leakage collecting tanks, level control and overdosing protection.The Apuri PHRX PRO is our professional alternative for the Apuri PHRX.

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