Apuri – Aqua PURe Instruments invented all in one pool controllers.

Our swimming pool  controllers and watertreatement systems are developed BY professionals with many years of experiance FOR professional pool builders. The Apuri devices meet high quality standards are reliable and carefree. If you want professional support, than Apuri is the right partner for you to automate your pool projects and helps you to meet the high expectations of your customers.

The integrated pool watertreatement is easy to use and results in cristal clear and clean swimming water. Apuri developed also a chlorine free watertreatement, the Apuri E based on electrolyzes, perfect for indoor swimmingpools.

Apuri pool controllers

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All in one pool controllers, reliable and easy to install

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All in one pool controller

One pool controller ensures all swimmingpool applications. From circulation pump to poolcover and water treatment. Everything is controlled by one device working smooth without interference or interruption.

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Meets high industrial quality

All our controllers and water treatments are made with Industrial components.  This results in a dependable, reliable and maintenance -friendly swimming pool control. Easy and time saving installation.



Our pool control  and water treatement devices or developed BY a professional team with high level experiance  FOR professional swimming pool builders. To deliver on the high expectations of the pool owners.